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Duke LNG

Projects & Services

Duke LNG is focussed on the development and operation of floating LNG re-gasification terminals (FSRU). The area of operations will predominantly be in South Asia where LNG import infrastructure is required to meet the region’s growing appetite for energy.  In addition, the Marine Services Division of Duke LNG is developing a range of terminal support vessels and other support services for the expanding offshore oil and gas industry.

west_cost_indiaDuke LNG is finalising contractual documentation for the right to build, own and operate a dockside LNG floating re-gasification facility (FSRU) at a strategically located, fully operational, deep water and all weather private port in India. An engineering study for the viability of alternate pipeline routes to connect to the national pipeline grid is presently being completed. Our objective is to expand our presence and develop additional FSRU based terminals in South & South East Asia to meet the region’s growing energy demands.

marine_serviceBased on the decades of experience of its management team in providing solutions to the offshore oil and gas industries, the Marine Services Division of Duke LNG has the capability to meet the specific requirements of LNG and FLNG operations.  Duke LNG is developing its LNG terminal support fleet to include emergency response craft, tugs and support vessels with LNG terminal capabilities as well as LNG bunkering options.   Duke LNG will also provide vessel and other support services to the expanding offshore oil and gas industry across South-East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.