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Duke LNG

Natural Gas & LNG

The International Energy Agency forecasts a growing role for natural gas in the global energy mix with natural gas meeting 25% of energy needs in 2035 as against 21% in 2010.  The share of total gas that is imported on a global basis is expected to continue to grow steadily and while imports by pipeline are forecast to remain the primary method for the importation of gas, LNG is expected to grow rapidly at nearly 15% between 2012 and 2035.  The strong growth in demand for LNG has and will continue to be driven by a focus on energy supply security and a requirement for cleaner burning fuels as countries strive to limit the negative environmental and health impacts associated with more traditional fuel sources.




India is presently the fourth largest consumer of energy in the world.  However, as India is not blessed with an abundance of natural resources it has become increasingly more reliant on imports to meet its energy needs.  The percentage of natural gas in India’s energy mix is forecast to double by 2025, with LNG imports necessary to fill the growing supply-demand gap.  India’s existing LNG import and re-gasification capacity is not sufficient to meet existing demand, let alone the forecast increase in import requirements.  Working with the gas authorities and private companies in India to assist with developing required LNG infrastructure will be one of the key areas of focus for Duke LNG.